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Schülke & Mayr is one of the world’s market leaders in the field of sanitary protection, offering top products that cover the various needs in a hospital setting. Hand disinfectants, surface disinfectants, and medical instrument disinfectants licensed by the E.O.F. and with the appropriate ingredients for immediate disinfection and cleaning.

The ranges of antiseptics and cleansers for hands and body from Schülke & Mayr:

Schülke & Mayr Desmanol pure: Hand sanitizer with an alcoholic solution with dexpanthenol, suitable for daily use. It meets FDA specifications and is tested according to European standards EN1500 and EN12791. It effectively protects the skin from viruses, fungi, and bacteria.

Schülke & Mayr Desderman pure: Hand sanitizer with an alcoholic solution that has a biocide license, meets FDA specifications and is tested according to European standards EN1500 and ΕΝ12791. Without fragrance and pigments, it effectively protects the skin with high microbiological effectiveness against viruses, fungi, and bacteria, offering care, health, and efficiency.

Schülke & Mayr Octenisan wash lotion: Body cleansing liquid that can be used on the whole body, for pre-operative preparation of the patient, after surgery, or for older people in need of skin care. Protects against staph, and is skin friendly with neutral pH.

Another essential addition to the proper disinfection of clinics and hospitals is the deep cleaning of the medical tools used. Schülke & Mayr offers a wide variety of disinfecting medical instruments for every use:

Schülke & Mayr Gigazyme: Disinfectant suitable for surgical instruments, endoscopes, and ultrasound baths
Schülke & Mayr Gigasept PAA: Disinfectant suitable for flexible endoscopes and ophthalmological equipment
Schülke & Mayr Gigasept instru AF: Disinfectant suitable for thermostatic and thermostable tools
Schülke & Mayr Gigasept FF: Disinfectant suitable for flexible and rigid endoscopes, watertight ultrasound transducers, anesthesia equipment, masks
Schülke & Mayr Gigasept AF forte: Disinfectant suitable for flexible and rigid endoscopes, surgical instruments, anesthesia equipment & masks
Schülke & Mayr Apirmatic and Schülke & Mayr Rotasept: Disinfectant suitable for disinfecting dental tools and dental equipment with anti-rust agents that protect tubes, surfaces, fine points of tools, etc.

Schülke & Mayr’s surface disinfectants are effective against viruses (HBV, HCV, HIV), bacteria, and fungi, they work in a few seconds and leave no residue, offering safety and hygiene. For floors, surfaces of surgical instruments or surfaces used during an operating room, patient treatment units, examination furniture, surfaces requiring short contact times, etc. Technology is compatible with EU directives. and biocide license:

Schülke & Mayr Terralin Protect: Concentrated cleaning solution that cleans and disinfects at the same time, with a broad antimicrobial spectrum. It can also be used in critical medical areas (ICU, Surgeries, etc.)
Schülke & Mayr Mikrozid Universal: Fast-acting disinfectant solution, with a small percentage of alcohols with very high compatibility of materials. Efficiency that meets the EN 16615 standard.
Schülke & Mayr Mikrozid Sensitive: Fast-acting, alcohol-free disinfectant for alcohol-sensitive surfaces, suitable for disinfecting tonometers and stethoscopes
Schülke & Mayr Mikrozid AF Liquid: Fast-acting disinfectant with alcohols, suitable for patient treatment units, examination furniture, and surfaces requiring short contact times. Available in different pack sizes to meet every need.

Schülke & Mayr disinfectants can cover the need for disinfection and cleaning of hospital spaces since they have a wide range of applications and compatibility with materials. They are easy to use since most do not need to be dissolved. Concentrated disinfectants dissolve in tap water and disinfect within seconds without leaving any residue.

Schülke & Mayr disinfectants are the ideal solutions for disinfecting and cleaning the hospital, medical, pharmaceutical, and other spaces, with efficiency and reliability.

Sources: Schülke & Mayr

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