Orthopedic productsorthopedics splints and braces for the support of all body parts

The most reliable and convenient brands worldwide in the orthopaedics, orthotic, sports support & compression field are available in HaMed SA specialized store, featuring:


  • Zamst (Japan) – Zamst is Precision, Engineered Support technology that reinforces and protects the Elite Athletes of the world, pushing them further and harder than the human body alone can endure.
    Zamst is a sophisticated exoskeleton for a new breed of athlete. Built on a vast knowledge base n the medical field, Zamst understands the human body, and most importantly its limitations.
  • SIGVARIS (Switzerland) – SIGVARIS manufactures compression products for more than 50 years based on the most up-to-date medical knowledge. SIGVARIS compression stockings feature controlled efficacy, fitted compression & textile intelligence with unique sizing system to cover most of the population and a large choice of models, textures and colors to bring a solution for everyone.
  • Varisan (Italy) – Cizeta Medicali carries out continuous research to find new solutions in the therapy for venous insufficiency and lymphatic disease treatment, by innovative products, certified by international official health authorities and supported by a prestigious company tradition. VARISAN, VIVA, CIZETA orto & VENALGIC are the main product lines.
  • Anatomic Line (Greece) – Anatomic line is a Greek company manufacturing and distributing orthopaedic-medical technology products at the most reputable production plants in the world market.
  • ASPEN (USA) – Aspen Medical Products is a leader in the design, development and marketing of upper and lower spinal orthotics. For over twenty-five years, the management team and employees at Aspen have introduced a continuous flow of pioneering spinal bracing products and services to the healthcare marketplace.

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