HaMed history

HaMed HALAMBALAKIS SA was founded in 1980 by Haris Halambalakis at 3 Viannou Street, in Heraklion, Crete, where the headquarters of the company and the online store www.medi-shop.gr are still located.

Since 2001, there is a specialized store for anatomical shoes and health products at 4 Mavrolenis Street, Kornarou square, which is the 1st retail store in the industry that is certified according to the program “HERMES Accessible Selection”, while in 2008 a new space of medical equipment was created at 13 Viannou Street, with a total area of 220 m2.

In 2018, the company launched a new retail store of 180 m2 at 324 Knossos Ave., specializing in patients’ home products, medical oxygen devices, and orthopedic items.

With specialized departments of sales of medical equipment, department of oxygen therapy, department of orthopedic items, and technical support, HaMed HALAMBALAKIS SA offers for almost 4 decades certified services quality products, always giving priority to customers.

Since 1998, HaMed HALAMBALAKIS SA is among the first companies in the sector throughout Greece that have EN ISO 9002: 2004 certification for the import, marketing, distribution, and technical support of medical devices and machinery, according to ΔΥ8δ / 1348 & EN ISO 9001: 2004 by Lloyd’s, while now all the processes comply with the most modern quality standards (ISO 9001: 2008) & are constantly upgraded.

Since 2009, the company supports and actively participates in the protection of the environment, actively taking part in the recycling program “RECYCLING MEDICAL DEVICES”.

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