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Patient care at home is really demading, so that every day life is comfortable enough for both the patient and his family environment.
HaMed SA is a certified EOPYY healthcare provider and our main aim is to provide convenient and reliable solutions, in terms of products and services, for the home care patient, such as:

Patient beds – Manual medical, semi-electric hospital-type and fully electric patient beds are available to ensure comfort and convenience. Additionally all homecare patient beds provided by HaMed SA have a wide range of optional accesories to choose from, such as protective rails, special air matresses, etc

Wheelchairs – A wide range of manual or motorred wheelchairs are available for indoor or outdoor use, as well as specialised solution to cover all kind of needs from manufacturers such as Sunrise Medical (Spain), Afikim (USA), Surace (Italy) etc

Patient Lifts – Special products with mechanisms used to hoist the disabled patient that needs to be moved, while slings hook up to the lift’s arm and cradle the patient during transfer. HaMed SA provides manual, power, stand up, overhead, bath, and pool patient lifts, along with a variety of patient slings.

Mobility Products – Find the ideal patient waker, rollator or simple traditional walking stick based on the patient’s needs

Bathroom products – Patient bath safety & mobility should be first priority. Our wide range of patient bathroom products, such as bath benches, raised toilet seats, safety frames, tub rails, grab bars & patient transfer benches provide the security and ease, tha every patient at home demands

Homecare Medical Disposables – All disposable products a patient might require at home, either temporarily, such as gauges, elastic bands, gloves, etc or frequently such as incontinence, tracheostomy or urology products, can be provided through HaMed SA stores, with a variety of well-reputed and reliable brands

Oxygen Therapy at Home – HaMed SA is an approved home-care provider by EOPYY, certified to rent home-care oxygen devices to Greek citizens.
Our services include the rental of oxygen devices for use at home which cost 90 euro per month and is fully covered by EOPYY, the Public Healthcare Provider in Greece.
The oxygen devices (also sometimes called “oxygen generator” or oxygen concetrator) is a medical device used to deliver oxygen to those who require it. People may require it if they have a condition that causes or results in low levels of oxygen in their blood. These oxygen concentrators are normally obtained via prescription and therefore cannot be purchased over the counter. Oxygen concentrators are powered by plugging in to an electrical outlet. Several parts make up a concentrator, including a compressor, sieve bed filter, and circuit boards.
An oxygen concentrator has a compressing element, but it should not be confused with compressed oxygen or an oxygen tank. Whereas a tank has a set amount of oxygen that it dispenses, a concentrator filters in air, compresses it, and delivers air continuously. The air supply will never run out. Instead of refilling compressed air, the concentrator just needs access to power.
In cases of electricity power cuts, HaMed SA provides oxygen tanks of 3, 5, 10 & 20 liters that are capable of supplying medical oxygen, without the need of electircity.
All home-care oxygen devices provided by HaMed SA are covered by 24/7 technical support, and in case of technical malfunction the device is instantly replaced.
In special situations where the home-care patient is required to travel by plane, boat or car, portable oxygen concetrators can be provided for rental, which feature high battery capacity, that can reach 12 hours working time, with adequate oxygen flow (up to 5l/min).
HaMed SA also provides short-term oxygen devices rental, for patients who travel to the island of Crete either for holidays or for other short-term purposes.

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