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World's leading physiotherapy equipment & devices

A physiotherapist requires reliable and quality solutions for the equipment of the physiotherapy. Top international companies manufacturing physiotherapy equipment & devices.

HaMed SA is providing high quality equipment and services in the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation field by offering well-reputed & reliable devices & equipment to rehab centers, fitness centers & physio clinics.
Since 1980, HaMed SA is mainly co-operating with the following brands, providing also technical support, maintenance & repairs:

  • GymnaUniphy (Belgium) – Gymna Line product portfolio includes physical therapy electronic equipment (Electrotherapy, Ultrasound, Laser, Biofeedback, Cryotherapy and Shockwave), Uniphy Line includes physical therapy electronic equipment & devices (Electrotherapy, Ultrasound, Laser, Cryotherapy, Shortwave and Microwave). Gymna Treatment Couches the number one choice of medical professionals worldwide featuring multi-sections & patented Dynamic Stability Profile (GSP), which helps the treatment couch respond to changing loads
  • Compex (Switzerland) – Compex is the worldwide leader in portable Electrostimulation devices for physical therapy, sports and fitness and is a member of DJO Group.
  • CureTape (The Netherlands) – At the end of the nineties, PhysioTape introduced a Japanese tap method in Europe. In the meantime, this method is known in Europe and PhysioTape is one of the largest suppliers of kinesiological tape in the Netherlands and Germany. Since 2003 PhysioTape has its own brand kinesiotape : CureTape®. CureTape® is registered as a medical product of class 1, meets the strictest quality requirements, is safe to use, 100% latex-free and has received the TÜV quality seal.
  • HUR (Finland) – HUR manufactures pneumatic training devices for Rehabilitation and Training
  • GLOBUS (Italia) – The leading Italian manufacturer of portable electrotherapy, ultrasound, laser, TENS/NMES, magnetotherapy & TECAR devices
  • Mectronic Medicale (Italia) – Mectronic specializes in the research, design and manufacturing of High Power Physiotherapy Laser Systems & TECAR Devices
  • ITO (Japan) – One of the oldest and most well-known brands manufacturing high quality electrotherapy & vacuum devices, physiotherapy ultrasound systems & TECAR devices
  • Sissel (Sweden – Germany) – World leader in innovative SISSEL® quality products for healthy sitting, sleeping, moving and well-being, including yoga & pilates products
  • EME (Italia) – EME designs and manufactures physiotherapy laser devices, combination therapy devices, ultrasound & diatermo, including the innovative 4-in-1 portable Polyter EVO, which can combine up to 4 therapy modules (electrotherapy, ultrasound, laser, TECAR, magnetotherapy)
  • Weelko (Spain) – Weelko has studied the pressure applied by physiotherapists and massage therapists on their tables in order to create a range of products adapted to their working needs featuring adjustable height and upholsteries of different densities.
  • ORMED (Germany USA) – ARTROMOT® Product Line (DJO Global) Continuous Passive Motion Devices have been developed featuring intuitive operation of the handheld programming unit with self-explanatory symbols for the demanding use in clinics & rehab centers

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