3M Littmann

Maplewood, MN, USA
Stethoscopes for all medical specialties from 3M Littmann America.

Ara Shoes AG

Shoes & Accessories
Langenfeld, Germany
For six decades Ara has been known for its wide variety of high-quality shoes, combining attractive design with a perfect fit.

Aspen Medical Products

Manufacturer of Medical Equipment
Irvine, California, USA
Aspen Medical Products is a leader in the design, development, and marketing of medical products.


Shoes & Bags
Hamburg, Germany
The Berkemann company was founded in 1885 with headquarters in Hamburg, Germany and all these years deals exclusively with preventing foot problems.


Shoes & Bags
Hamburg, Germany
The Berkemann company was founded in 1885 with headquarters in Hamburg, Germany and all these years deals exclusively with preventing foot problems.

Beurer GmbH

Manufacturer of electronics
Ulm, Germany
Beurer GMBH has been innovating in the field of health, and treatment for 95 years. All its products, for personal care and treatment, are easy to use and extremely effective.

Chattanooga Medical Supply

Rehabilitation equipment
Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA
For over six decades, Chattanooga has set a benchmark for leadership, credibility, and excellence. Chattanooga is a leader in the physiotherapy industry and through continuous innovation, provides solutions to clinicians and their patients.


Electrical muscle stimulators and electrodes
California, USA
Compex is a manufacturer of electrostimulation devices that has focused its research on muscles and their treatment. Compex supports daily health professionals (such as physiotherapists), professionals and amateur athletes, people suffering from pain, etc.

Edan Instruments, Inc.

Manufacturer and distributor of advanced electronic medical equipment
Shenzhen, People's Republic of China
EDAN Instruments, Inc. is a professional high-tech company that combines research & development, manufacture and distribution of advanced electronic medical devices.

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

Manufacturer of health devices.
Auckland, New Zealand
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare is an Australian manufacturer of CPAP devices and has a wide range of CPAP & BiPAP nasal masks.


Manufacturer of physiotherapy and rehabilitation devices
Bilzen, Belgium
Gymna is one of the leading manufacturers of physical therapy and rehabilitation devices. It focuses on providing high quality and innovative products for their customers.

HeartSine Technologies

Automatic external defibrillators
Belfast, Northern Ireland
Automatic defibrillators suitable for use in public places, hospitals, or medical centers by HeartSine.

HEINE Optotechnik

Supplier of diagnostic instruments
Herrsching, Germany
HEINE is a leading global supplier of medical devices for the hospital environment. The company's products are used by medical professionals.


Physiotherapy and rehabilitation products
Tokyo, Japan
ITO specializes in the manufacture and sale of hospital or home therapeutic equipment, as well as rehabilitation and physiotherapy equipment.

Laura Vita

Shoes & Bags
Paris, France
Laura Vita is a French brand that specializes in handmade shoes. Laura Vita offers a wide variety of colorful and unique designs made of natural leathers.


First aid products
Maplewood, Minnesota, USA
Nexcare first aid products protect the skin and heal small wounds.


CPAP Devices, CPAP Masks & CPAP Spare Parts
San Diego, California, USA
ResMed is a global manufacturer of CPAP devices, CPAP Masks, and other products that diagnose, or treat sleep-disordered breathing (especially sleep apnea), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), or other respiratory conditions.

Rudolf Riester GmbH

Manufacturer of medical technology equipment
Jungingen, Germany
The products are made according to the strict quality standards of Riester, accompanied always by certificates.

Seca GmbH & Co.

Precision scales
Hamburg, Germany
Seca provides modern scales and measurement systems.


Medical compression stockings
Winterthur, Switzerland
SIGVARIS is the world market leader in the manufacture of medical compression clothing.


Health products
Bad Dürkheim, Germany
For over 30 years, SISSEL has been distributing innovative quality products, such as Pilates & yoga accessories, health and relaxation products.

Suave Shoes

Banbury, United Kingdom
Suave has a wide range of comfort shoes and their products are known for their softness and flexibility.


Medical compression stockings
Cuggiono, IT
Cizeta Medicali is based in Italy and is active in the field of health, designing varisan compression stockings for the treatment of foot diseases.

Weinmann Geräte für Medizin GmbH + Co. KG

C-PAP Devices, CPAP Masks & Sleep Apnea Diagnostics Equipment
Hamburg, Germany
Weinmann is committed to provide diagnostic and therapeutic technologies for the medical field. Its work focuses on meeting the needs of patients and doctors by providing smart solutions for innovative products and services.

Welch Allyn

Medical diagnostic equipment
Skaneateles Falls, New York, USA
Welch Allyn is a global manufacturer of medical diagnostic equipment with a wide range of products.


Manufacturer of orthopedic brackets and orthotics
Irvine, California, USA
Zamst is one of the leading manufacturers of orthopedic braces for all body parts, with a wide variety of orthopedic products.


Cardiac resuscitation devices
Chelmsford, Massachusetts, USA
ZOLL Medical Corporation develops medical devices and software solutions that save lives, while increases clinical and functional effectiveness.
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