pediatric accessories – Colorize the pediatric examination

Colorize the medical examination process and create a pleasant and fun feeling for the patient visit. Below you may see our 4 “fun” suggestions, ideal for pediatricians but suitable for all medical specialties, in your private place or in the hospital:

  • Stethoscope cover:
    A cloth cover suitable for all types of stethoscopes. Whether your stethoscope is Littmann, Riester or Welch Allyn, turn it into a fun little dragon or pig with just one movement, while continuing the medical examination, since bells and headphones remain free in your mood!
  • Colored tongue-depressors:
    Replace the traditional wooden or plastic tongue depressors with the new colored ones with animal drawings at their ends! Available in packs of 500 pieces of random colors and patterns.
  • “Fun” examinator paper:
    The white examination bed paper is now common, whether it is 100% paper or non-woven. Replacing it with the NEW green roll or roll with printed designs directly refresh the look of your examination bed.
  • Colored scrub hats:
    Make a difference with the 100% cotton surgical scrub hat, with animal-like designs and escape from the usual white or green color. Ideal for men and women, with a strap on the back, colored caps are ideal for all areas of the hospital but also for your office. High quality cotton that allows them to be washed even in the washing machine.

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Stethoscope covers, colored scrub hats, colored exam paper