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Amoena mastectomy products aim to create solutions that respect the personal needs of women who have undergone breast surgery. Amoena breast forms are innovatively designed to offer a natural feel and harmony to every woman’s body.

Mastectomy breast forms

There are 5 types of Amoena silicone breast forms: Contact, Natura, Energy, Priform & Essential

The technologies that the breast forms features is Comfort plus+ and Outlast, specifically:

  • Comfort plus+ technology absorbs, stores, and releases excess heat to maintain an ideal temperature in the woman’s body, you will find this technology in all Contact, Energy & Natura ranges.
  • Outlast technology features more comfort, and less overheating & sweating. Active temperature regulation creates less cold. 
  • Priform prosthesis is ideal for immediately after surgery, the first 5 to 8 weeks, and during radiotherapy when skin is sensitive.

How do you find the right size mastectomy prosthesis?

Measure the circumference and cup size, then determine the correct size of the prosthesis by following the tables below. The sizing chart will help you find your breast form. However, you should keep in mind that personal experience as well as the feel of the prosthesis on the body play a very important role.

Choose the right cup shape

Women’s breasts differ not only in Cup size but also in shape to achieve this, Amoena offers three different Cup shapes, which are identified by the numbers 1 to 3 (see image below) (corresponding to shallow, medium & full Cup). Women with small girth usually have a full Cup shape while women with large girth tend to have a shallower Cup shape. 

Shallow, medium, or full breasts


Mastectomy bras

Amoena mastectomy bras are designed with specially shaped cups to fit all shapes of Amoena silicone breast forms.

How do you find the right mastectomy bra?

1) Measure the circumference under the breast in centimeters

2) Measure half the side including the breast in centimeters and multiply x2 to find the cup size

3) Determine the exact size of the bra by comparing your measurements with the size chart (see below)

4)For accurate results, take the measurement over the breast with your arms down.

Measurement of circumference under the chest

A measurement under the bust of 68-72 cm corresponds to a bra size 70 and a measurement between 73-77 corresponds to a size 75. Sizes always end in 0 or 5.

Tips for the correct fit

The measurement above the breast:

  • Measure from the middle of the chest over the full part of the breast that has not undergone surgery to the center of the spine 

The measurement under the breast:  

  • Measure the circumference of the chest just below the breast that has not undergone surgery.

Mastectomy bathing suits

With Amoena’s mastectomy swimsuits, you can once again show off your figure and look active and impressive at the beach or pool. Amoena’s fashionable and stylish mastectomy swimsuits have special features to discreetly and securely hold the prosthesis in place. Lovely one-piece, bikini, or tankini to enhance the silhouette and offer options for all tastes and all ages, bringing confidence and comfort to your every move.

How do you choose the right size for mastectomy swimwear?

Amoena swimwear selection is based on the size of the mastectomy bra, specifically:

  • 65 (Xsmall) 
  • 70-75 (Small)
  • 80-85 (Medium)
  • 90-95 (Large)
  • 100-105 (XLarge)
  • 110-115 (XXLarge) 

Find in and in the stores of HaMed Halabalakis SA in Heraklion Crete mastectomy products, supporting everyday life after mastectomy surgery.

Our company, based in Heraklion, Crete, is a contracted provider with EOPPY. Mastectomy breast forms and bras can be prescribed by doctors specializing in Oncology, General Surgery, or Plastic Surgery with prescription codes:
Mastectomy Bra 00004 (2 pieces per year) & 00005 Artificial Breast (1 piece per year) with condition code C50 or D05 and part of their cost can be covered through the EOPYY.

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