bra, swimsuit & breast form after mastectomy

Adaptation to change is a priority.

Release your emotions. The diagnosis of the disease can change the way you have been dealing with life until now. Many times it affects the way we see ourselves and our role in our people. We have the need to redefine our priorities, to reexamine our femininity, the various feelings of fear about the outcome of the disease, anger, and guilty thoughts. Let’s set our emotions free. Amoena mastectomy products are designed to give you confidence every day.

Breast forms

Post-mastectomy breast forms, also known as breast forms, are necessary after an operation since their role is not only cosmetic but also medical. A breast prosthesis must resemble the existing breast as much as possible in size and shape, creating a harmonious aesthetic effect but also compensating for the weight of the normal breast. Silicone forms have a variety of types and sizes, for every type of body so that they can be adapted according to the case of each operation. Asymmetric prostheses for cases of underarm surgery, self-adhesive prostheses that offer safety and stability, postoperative prostheses for the first time after surgery, prostheses for swimming that are water and sun resistant, etc. that offer everyday comfort without any difference. As with all mastectomy products, finding the right size is essential, as it can make a difference in how you feel every day.

Mastectomy bra

Mastectomy bras are important since their use is daily. Amoena post-mastectomy bras are specially designed to perfectly combine a good fit with comfort, relieving neck and back pain, while offering a unique sense of confidence and femininity. The right bra is essential as it should match the size and type of prosthesis, while at the same time, it can reduce the risk of lymphedema. Bras are separated based on their aesthetic appearance but mainly based on their functionality. That is, specific bras can be used for specific occasions. For example, sports enthusiasts can use a mastectomy sports bra that provides comfort and stability during exercise, or women who wear dresses can use detachable or strapless bras to flatter their outfits. When choosing a bra you should pay attention to its various parts in order to achieve the perfect fit. The braces should be the appropriate length and width, the pouches should be compatible with the silicone prosthesis, and the clasp should ensure proper support.

Mastectomy swimsuit

Mastectomy swimsuits allow you to enjoy swimming with confidence and safety since they are specially designed in a way that holds the prosthesis without being noticed. Amoena allows you to feel comfortable on the beach, with different types of swimwear, in different designs and sizes. Mastectomy full-body swimsuits, bikinis, tankini, patterned, printed, striped, etc. give an elegant and modern style. They have a slightly higher cut in the armpit area so that they cover the bust, specially designed pockets that hold the prosthesis discreetly, an elastic band under the chest that holds the swimsuit even when wet and adjustable straps for a perfect fit. The steps for a perfect fit are:

1. With swimwear the size is not that important as long as it doesn’t squeeze you. Choose the one that suits you best and suits your body type.
2. The adjustable straps must be the right length for the swimsuit to hug the body exactly as it should.

At and HaMed Halambalakis SA stores in Heraklion, Crete, you can find a full variety of mastectomy products such as bras, breast forms, and swimwear, supporting everyday life after a mastectomy operation.

Our company, based in Heraklion, Crete, is a contracted provider with National Insurance. Mastectomy prostheses and bras can be prescribed by Oncology, General Surgery, or Plastic surgery doctors with prescription codes:

Mastectomy bra 00004 (granted 2 pieces per year) & 00005 Artificial breasts (granted 1 piece per year) with condition code C50 or D05 and part of their cost can be covered through National Insurance.

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