What is the process for renting a CPAP & BiPAP device?

CPAP and BiPAP device rental are available as a service from HaMed Halambalakis SA, located in Heraklion, Crete & medi-shop. gr, as a certified EOPYY (National Organisation for Healthcare Services Provision) provider.

EOPYY fully reimburses the rental of CPAP devices, BiPAP devices & BiPAP ST devices for the treatment of sleep apnea or respiratory support during sleep. 

By renting an apnea device, you can choose between some of the top devices in the world, as well as choose the mask (nasal mask – for the nose only, Full-face mask – use in the mouth and nose or CPAP pillows) and the use or not of a heated humidifier.

For the process of renting CPAP machines and BiPAP devices, a recent polysomnographic sleep study from a certified sleep laboratory, an electronic prescription from a pulmonologist & a copy of the police ID are required.

The electronic prescriptions, for the rental of the CPAP device, BiPAP device & BiPAP ST device are monthly, with a maximum duration of 6 months, which means that if you wish to continue the rental – use of the device, the above prescription must be renewed.

A necessary condition for the renewal of the prescriptions is the actual use of the devices, which results from the compliance reports from the internal use of the devices.

Which AutoCPAP device should I choose?

HaMed SA and medi-shop.gr distribute the most well-reputed CPAP manufacturers, such as ResMed, SEFAM, Lowenstein, etc, and the decision of which Auto CPAP device to choose is easy, we provide the option to replace the device you have chosen with another available one, whenever you wish.

All available CPAP devices (AutoCPAP) for rental:

-They are new and unused
-They are silent during the use
-They are certified as medical devices with CE
-They have a pressure range of 4 – 20cmH2O
-They can connect to a heated humidifier with adjustable heating & humidification levels
-They are compatible with all types of masks and patient tubes
-They save and record the use and performance of AutoCPAP therapy (compliance)

AutoCPAP devices available for rent are:

  • ResMed AirSense 10 Autoset – The world’s best AutoCPAP device from ResMed, the leading ventilator manufacturer. ResMed with AirView, the platform for wireless adjustment and monitoring of devices via the cloud, has laid the foundations for the true concept of telemedicine in the field of respiratory devices. All ResMed AirSense 10 Autoset devices have an SD card, easy navigation and setup menu, EPR function as well as a built-in GSM card to communicate with the AirView platform, wherever you are.

  • Sefam S.Box by Starck – The award-winning design response to ResMed‘s telemedicine solutions, comes from SEFAM of France, a house with many years of experience in respiratory support devices with its 4th series of CPAP devices. The Sefam S.Box by Starck has all the features of a modern AutoCPAP device & extremely low noise level while also coming with a built-in GSM Modem to connect to the SEFAM platform and to wirelessly monitor and adjust the device wherever you are. In addition to the above, the Sefam S.Box by Starck is the only AutoCPAP that, in addition to a modem, also has Bluetooth for the direct transfer of CPAP treatment data to the smartphone or tablet. So you have a complete picture of the effectiveness of the treatment, any leaks from the mask, and a wealth of statistics regarding the quality of your sleep with the Sefam S.Box by Starck.

  • Prisma SMART – The “little brother” of the best seller Prisma 20A from the German manufacturer Weinmann Lowenstein, with a large screen, 4 direct access keys, silent operation & SD Card for data storage of 365 days of use. Prisma SMART has all the Softstart & Autostart functions of the PRISMAline series, new improved SOFT PAP exhalation pressure reduction function, and OPP (Obstructive Pressure Peak) technology to distinguish central apnea from obstructive apnea and sleep duration The Lowenstein Prisma SMART automatic CPAP has the ability to identify periodic breathing, RERA, snoring, hypopnea and flow limitation. Also, Prisma SMART is the only one that has a notification alarm in case of a leak or disconnection of the mask with an indication on the screen.

    Prisma smart cpap

All of the above devices can accept a 15mm or 22mm diameter hose and tube of the mask you choose.

Which AutoCPAP mask should I choose?

The type of CPAP mask, nasal mask or full-face mask, is usually recommended by the treating physician, and there are several masks to choose from. Some of the available CPAP & BiPAP masks provided at no additional charge with your initial CPAP & BiPAP rental are:

  • ResMed Mirage FX Nasal MaskResMed Mirage FX’s classic, lightweight yet effective design makes it ResMed’s best-selling nasal mask. Exhalation noise levels do not exceed 26dBA (18dBA at 1 meter), its construction is 100% latex-free and it can be completely disassembled to be washed and reassembled easily and simply. Available in Standard or Wide versions.
  • ResMed AirFit Nasal Mask N20ResMed‘s most popular AirFit series mask is the N20, a newly designed mask without forehead support for total freedom, and with new retention magnet technology instead of the classic clips used in most CPAP masks. Ideal for those who wear glasses, read or watch TV before bed or side sleepers, available in Small, Medium & Large.
  • Lowenstein JOYCEone Nasal Mask – Designed to fit most faces of AutoCPAP device users, the Lowenstein JOYCEone features reinforced silicone for a comfortable fit, a 3-point headband, and a design that limits exhalation noise. It is available in one size and weighs 87 gr.
  • ResMed AirTouch F20 Full-Face mask – ResMed F20 has all the features of ResMed AirTouch masks, with a lightweight design without forehead support & holding magnets instead of clips, while the patented QuietAir exhalation valve ensures extremely low noise levels of only 21dBA. Available in 3 sizes Small, Medium & Large, and is accepted by 97% of CPAP device users who tried it, according to research by ResMed.
  • Nasal Pillows ResMed AirFit P10 – The lightest ResMed P10 mask belongs to the AirFit family of masks and the Pillows category, where it differs in that instead of the classic CPAP mask design, it has nasal pillows that are placed under the nose and slightly inside her. Thus the entire visual field remains open, there is no contact of the mask on the cheekbones or cheeks while the new type of ResMed AirFit P10 headgear ensures the stability of the mask during the AutoCPAP treatment at night

I already use an AutoCPAP device. Why should I proceed with renting a new device?

EOPYY provides insured persons diagnosed with sleep apnea with a new AutoCPAP device or BiPAP device if at least 4 years have passed since the date of purchase of your device.

By renting your AutoCPAP from our company & medi-shop.gr, you always have a modern AutoCPAP device & above all you don’t have to worry about any breakdowns or upgrades. The technical department of HaMed Halampalakis SA & medi-shop.gr undertakes the repair or replacement of your device or any upgrade it requires, free of charge. Your only responsibility is the correct use of the device, according to the instructions given to you by our specialized partners during delivery and the replacement of consumables at regular intervals (mask, filters & tube – patient circuit)

Is it necessary to use a humidifier with my AutoCPAP machine?

Humidifier use is optional on all modern AutoCPAP devices and can be added even after you have purchased your device. The humidifier of the CPAP devices achieves the humidification & heating of the supplied air in order to effectively treat dry mouth during treatment. All humidifiers are heated and adjustable with respect to the level of humidification and heating through the settings menus of all AutoCPAP devices, while newer technology devices provide the ability to automatically adjust the temperature of the CPAP humidifier, based on the room temperature.

The necessity or non-use of a CPAP humidifier is usually determined by the attending physician.

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