Guide to choosing the right size of CPAP mask

Choosing the right size CPAP mask is of prime importance for a complete and effective treatment. It has been observed that a large proportion of new CPAP mask users stop treatment within the first few weeks due to the wrong size. The right size of CPAP mask is essential if you want long-term benefits as a size smaller or larger can lead to:

  • Skin irritations, sores, and rashes
  • Dry mouth and puffy red eyes in choosing a smaller size CPAP mask
  • Air leaks and therefore a reduction in treatment effectiveness in choosing a larger size CPAP mask

Each patient has a different face shape and should be treated individually. That’s why ResMed has created a complete CPAP mask size guide for their wide range of masks.

CPAP masks that do not require measuring for size selection are the range with nasal pads as they already contain 3 sizes with the purchase of the mask. An exception is the CPAP mask AirFit P30i which contains only small and medium-sized pads (Small / Medium). To obtain the large size (Large) the purchase is made separately.

For the correct use of the standards and therefore the correct measurement, please note:

  • Read the instructions in the guide carefully before cutting and using it.
  • CPAP mask size guides should be used to help find the correct CPAP mask size. They are in no way intended to replace the advice of a medical professional or your mask supplier.
  • To print the guides correctly make sure you print them at the actual size. Turn off the page scale in your printer settings or confirm it with the ruler already inside each file

Attached below is each individual guide by CPAP mask category.

CPAP (Full Face) Mask Size Guides

CPAP Nasal Mask Size Guides



Once you’ve chosen the right size CPAP mask that fits your face without leaks, don’t forget that proper CPAP mask placement is essential for a complete and effective treatment.

  • CPAP mask size

If you only feel your mask is stable when you tighten the headband enough to cause pressure, then you may have the wrong mask size. Please note that the same size, of different CPAP masks, are not always the same. Contact either your doctor or your CPAP mask supplier to recommend the best one for you.

  • CPAP mask position

Fitting a CPAP mask depends largely on your position. A mask that fits perfectly when you are sitting may not fit as well when you are lying down. This is because our facial muscles change when we lie down and relax even more when we sleep. It is recommended that you wear the CPAP mask while you sleep. Whether you sleep in a bed without pillows or in recumbent, you should place your CPAP mask in your usual sleeping position.

Your CPAP mask should be as loose as possible while still not leaking. If you feel your headband straps are too loose or too tight try readjusting them. Don’t forget to replace your headband if it’s too old or worn.

If you’ve completed the above steps but the mask still bothers you, you probably need a different type of mask. At you can find a wide variety of oral and nasal CPAP masks, suitable for every type of face.

For any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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