Airocide & Ultranak-1 indoor air sterilization devices

1) Airocide air purification system

Airocide air sterilization systems were developed by NASA and used on space stations as their technology removes harmful particles from the air. For this reason, their use became widespread in other industries such as hospitals, dental practices, clinics, health care facilities, food processing plants, offices, and the home.

The Airocide air purification system reduces the transmission of viruses, germs, and infectious diseases, as it fights viruses such as H1N1, H5N1, SARS, and MRSA, but also odors (e.g. from cigarettes, rubbish, etc.)

The Airocide air purification system eliminates airborne pathogens in its reaction chamber and thus does not endanger people in the same room. It not only traps harmful airborne pathogens but destroys them. Most importantly, it eliminates pollutants that are not visible to the naked eye or that cannot be filtered by HEPA filters.

Airocide technology makes a significant contribution to the prevention of hospital-acquired infections, which are a major problem in healthcare services worldwide, improving the quality of services and providing safety for both patients and healthcare professionals.

There are many different models of Airocide, each of which serves a different purpose:

Airocide sterilization systems approved by the FDA

2) ULTRANAK-1 air sterilization system

ULTRANAK-1 air sterilization systems operate using ultraviolet lamps, whose rays, with a wavelength of 245Nm, eliminate microbes, fungi, bacteria, viruses, pathogens, or particles.

ULTRANAK-1 sterilization devices have been used for 40 years for sterilization of water, air, objects, surfaces, food, and medicines as the energy of ultraviolet radiation affects the DNA and RNA of microorganisms, changes their structure, and weakens their activity.

The ULTRANAK-1 air sterilization system can fully sterilize spaces from 160m3 to 230 m3 and the UV lamp has a lifetime of up to 9000 hours. The air is recirculated by means of two fan-assisted fans and can be installed anywhere at a height of at least 2m from the floor. It also has an hour meter and an operating indicator light.

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, the reference hospitals in Thessaloniki, AHEPA, PAPANIKOLAOU, and PAPAGERGIOU, equipped their wards and ICUs with the ULTRANAK-1 air sterilization device (12 units in PAPANIKOLAOU, and 7 each in AHEPA and PAPAGERGIOU).

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