59s portable sterilization devices for objects and surfaces

59s portable object and surface sterilization devices guarantee to neutralize 99.9% of germs in less than 3 minutes. UV LED technology has all the good things of UltraViolet radiation related to the proper sterilization of objects and fights against microorganisms. Thanks to LED technology, 59s products are small and portable, 100% Eco-friendly, and Ozone-free. They can be used in domestic spaces (bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, etc.), but also in professional spaces, e.g. waiting room, elevator, meeting room, etc. Their use is even recommended for sterilizing make-up tools and beauty products, e.g. brushes, scissors, etc.

The most popular products in the 59s series are:

59s X5 Sterilizer Wand: Manual sterilization device with a rechargeable battery, easy to store & easy to sterilize surfaces wherever you are. With a special safety mechanism for children and a sensor to automatically turn off when its inclination exceeds 45 degrees, the 59s X5 Sterilizer Wand protects the user so that the rays do not come into direct contact with the eyes.
59s X1-BAT Portable sterilization device: Portable small sterilization device, slightly larger than a smartphone, that gives you on-the-go sterilization. Ideal for small everyday items, such as mobile phones, keys, tablets, etc.
59s Box S2 Object Sterilization: This is the smallest tabletop sterilization device, ideal for use on small objects. It uses advanced UVC light, works quickly and turns off automatically.
59s T5-Bat Box Device Sterilizer: Desktop portable device, ideal for sterilizing bottles and other baby items. Thanks to UVC LED technology, the smell of milk is also neutralized. It has an intelligent drying function and a rapid sterilization button.

Why choose 59s UVC LED sterilization?

With the renewed UVC LED technology, 99.9% of bacteria and germs present on a surface disappear, as it directly destroys the DNA of bacteria and microorganisms through natural means to achieve fast and effective sterilization. This sterilization method is non-chemical, environmentally friendly and is used to sterilize hospitals and airports.

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