CPAP – BiPAP masks by resmed & their features

Many sleep apnea patients quit using their prescribed CPAP or BiPAP device simply because the CPAP – BiPAP mask bothers them!

CPAP – BiPAP masks should be comfortable and certainly should not injure the patient. If the mask makes the whole procedure uncomfortable, then consult your doctor and get a mask that fits your face comfortably!

ResMed technology

ResMed has developed its technology with innovation and performance in mind, so that the masks make the use of CPAP & BiPAP devices comfortable and effective! Find below all the innovative features that ResMed’s nasal and oral masks are offering and improve the quality of your sleep therapy:

Resmed Mirage double wall cushion

-The thick inner wall provides rigidity and stability.
-The small-thickness outer membrane provides a comfortable seal.
-Airflow creates a layer of air between the wall and the membrane, resulting in a comfortable and effective seal with minimal stretching of the head straps.

Resmed double-wall nasal pillows (for ResMed Swift FX)

-The small thickness outer wall is soft and comfortable.
-The thick inner wall ensures an effective seal.
-The airflow between the two walls provides the possibility to adapt the pads to a wide range of nasal contours.
-The pads fit into the nostril opening.

ActiveCell Technology

-Includes an air chamber that expands and contracts during treatment and provides effective sealing and dynamic protection against leakage of the CPAP – BiPAP mask.
-Minimizes the need for excessive tightening of the head straps and prevents leaks while reducing pressure on the face.
-The cushion moves independently of the CPAP – BiPAP mask frame.

Resmed MicroFit selector (on the ResMed Micro nasal mask)

-Has 24 adjustment positions in increments of 1mm
-Easy to adjust when the mask is already in place
-Improves, in combination with the cushion, sealing without excessive tightening of the headgear straps thanks to the double-wall technology.

Spring Air Technology

-The geometry of the Spring Air™cushion creates a ‘spring’ effect and improves sealing thanks to the elasticity of the pillow.
-It adapts to different facial contours and facilitates movements during sleep, as well as the relaxation of the jaw. 

Anti-aspiration valve (AAV)

-Guarantees patient safety
-Prevents CO2 re-inhalation in case of airflow obstruction.
-Available on all ResMed’s ventilated CPAP – BiPAP mouth masks.

Movable membrane

-The larger outer provides the ability to extend the cushion into the nasal bridge and jaw.
-Facilitates mouth opening and jaw movement during sleep without adversely affecting sealing.
-It “hugs” the nasal bridge to reduce leakage to the eyes.

Adjustable Breathe-O-Prene head straps

-All ResMed CPAP – BiPAP masks feature Breathe-O-Prene® headgear.
-They are made of soft and durable material.
-The air that passes through the material maximizes inhalation capacity. It removes moisture from the skin and improves comfort when using the headgear.

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